Mobile Apps I Have Developed

NewYear Countdown

Time Left To Accomplish Your New Year Resolutions? πŸ’ͺ How many have you accomplished?

RGB Color Guessing Game

Guess which color box is for the rgba value provided. Correct guess gets you 1 point, wrong guess deducts 1 point. Play until you get a score of 60!

Find Yeezy

Find Kanye’s Face among the Coffee Beans In The Shortest Time Possible!

Zee Rock Game

Rock Paper Scissors Game played against Me! Play, get results then wait for the countdown to 0 and play again.

Zee Insect Catcher

Catch as Many Insects As Possible before the 30 seconds Time-Out!

Zee Words Game

Zee Words Game is a simple word game where a short meaning of a word is provided and the user has to provide the word, with the number of letters provided as a hint.

Zee Password Generator

Used For:
1. Typing a number of Words and Characters without passing the Limit!
2. Finding the number of Words and Characters in a Text!

Zee Password Generator

Zee Password Generator Tool is an app that generates passwords with lengths of up to 999 characters.
Copy the password and use it.

Zee Memory Cards Game

Flip The Cards and march them with the corresponding cards in the shortest time possible.

Zee Chooser

Zee Chooser Tool is used to make a choice among options.


Zee Colors has over 4000 colors, showing their HEX values, RGB Values, Color Names and Meaning, suitable for everyone, professionals, students etc

Random Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes: The Ultimate Laughter Companion for Dads to Make others laughπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜Š

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